Fancy David Gandy being your personal trainer..?

Whether the physique you are looking for is 'Lean' 'Cut' or 'Bulk', the fitness programmes are devised & used by David so you can create new exercises and routines to work every particular part of your body and build your own bespoke daily programme to suit you! Like the best Personal Trainers, the App is 100% tailored to the individual, around the amount of time you have and the areas you want to train. This ground breaking fitness app contains full video guides and explanations from the man himself. If you put in the work, 'David Gandy Fitness' is designed to help you get that perfect body that you want.

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"Over the past 10 years since I started modelling, I've learnt a huge amount about fitness and training and wanted to share that with other men and women interested in getting into shape. I've worked with some of the best personal trainers in the business and really through trial and error, know what does and doesn't work. Getting results is key in maintaining motivation and determination. It takes commitment and unfortunately there are no short cuts, but I'm evidence that the advice and exercises included in my App, work."


The Men's Fitness and Training App is a personal training guide to help support every man to improve his mission for a better body, providing fundamental and straight forward advice together with specific, guided exercise programmes that will help you to achieve the particular body type that you want..


The App will enable you to benefit from the wealth of knowledge which led David to become the world's only male supermodel. Dolce & Gabbana chose David's body to photograph to replicate da Vinci's portraits of 'Man', he was recently nicknamed "The Body" by Details magazine and has been described as "a byword for the modern male aesthetic" by Men's Health.